Auditing Equipment

Auditing IT EquipmentRocycle utilizes a standardized method to audit equipment. When we receive equipment in, the pallets or boxes are marked with your company name and the receiving date. Our standard equipment audit timeframe is much shorter than other area recyclers. As the equipment is unpacked, a spreadsheet is created to log the make, model, serial number, and condition of the equipment. If the equipment has remarket value, the item is tested. When the equipment passes the functionality testing, it is able to be remarketed. If the equipment is obsolete, fails testing, or is non-functioning, it is designated for de-manufacturing. For items with hard drives, the hard drives are wiped or crushed per your company’s directive with certificates of destruction available for your records.

After the equipment auditing is complete, we send you a copy of the spreadsheet detailing the items, the minimal processing costs, and the value of the items. If there is positive value in the equipment, we will offer to purchase the equipment from you. You always have the option to refuse our offer and sell your equipment from our facility or have the audited equipment returned to you. We’ll even offer to arrange the logistics for you. There’s no risk and potentially great reward!