Deinstallation, uninstallation, de-installation of IT assetsDeinstallation, (de-installation or uninstallation) is the process of disconnecting and removing equipment. Rocycle can supply your company with our trained technicians to de-install your computer equipment and other IT assets for end-of-life asset management. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure your IT assets deinstallation is done correctly the first time by using our expert knowledge and proper tools. We can power down assets, remove cables, remove interface cards, unrack equipment such as servers, extract hard drives, and breakdown cubicle workstations.

We’ll work with your staff to ensure the deinstallation of the equipment doesn’t interrupt your active equipment and day to day business. When you’re ready to remove the equipment, our technicians will disconnect, package, and prepare the equipment for transport saving your company’s human resources for their regular duties.

Rocycle is the only company you need for the deinstallation of your electronic and IT assets. We are flexible enough to incorporate unexpected changes that may come up throughout the uninstall project. We’ve been deinstalling computer equipment and IT assets for years and we’re committed to your satisfaction.