Cell Phones

Recycle Cell PhoneMost people today have cell phones. With all the upgrade offers and cell phone technology moving at light speed to create the next big product, cell phone carriers and sellers make it easy to upgrade your phone on a regular basis.  Through buy-back programs, it’ even possible to get money off the new phone!

But what do you do when you miss the buy-back window? And what do you do when you open a drawer and find your Blackberry from 1999?

Rocycle offers cell phone recycling. Recycling cell phones is easy. If your phone still has value and is in working condition, Rocycle can offer you money for your cell phone. We’ll restore the phone to factory settings, deleting all your personal information in our secure facility.  If your cell phone no longer has value, we can recycle your cell phone keeping the phone components like circuit boards and batteries out of landfills. Whether you need to recycle one cell phone or one thousand cell phones, you can recycle your phones with us!