Hard Drive Wipe

Maximize Your IT Equipment’s Remarket Value

Let’s face facts, machines with hard drives are worth more than machines without their drives. With that stated, data security and information security are always a high priority. If you want to maximize your equipment’s remarket value without potentially compromising security, a hard drive wipe is a great option. Rocycle offers professional hard drive wiping services to help you get the highest return on your IT equipment investment.

Rocycle Complies With DoD & NAID Sanitization Standards

Rocycle complies with DoD sanitization or hard drive wiping procedures to provide the utmost data privacy and data security for our customers. We are a AAA NAID certified facility for data destruction.

“Sanitization is the process of removing the data from media before reusing the media in an environment that does not provide an acceptable level of protection for the data that was in the media before sanitizing. IS resources shall be sanitized before they are released from classified information controls or released for use at a lower classification level.”  Source: DoD 5220.22-M, National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual Section 8-301. Common Requirements.

Rocycle’s Hard Drive Wipe Services

Rocycle has multiple options to meet your hard drive wiping and data erasure needs. The choice begins with where the service will be performed – at our place or yours.

At Our Location

At our location in Dade City, FL Rocyle offers two types of wiping options:

  1. non-certified wipes
  2. certified wipes

Both methods of wipes are secure and compliant. We utilize Extreme Protocol Solutions software to perform the certified wipes. Our sanitization process ensures that the stored data is removed permanently, irreversibly and cannot be recovered. Any device that we have sanitized will no longer have any usable data. Even with the assistance of advanced forensic tools, the data will not be able to be reconstructed.

On Site Wipe

For companies with policies disallowing the data to leave the premises, Rocycle offers a third option to meet your hard drive wiping and data erasure needs: onsite hard drive wiping.

Many companies in industries like banking, credit, finance, healthcare, education, and technology need to be able to assure their customers that sensitive data does not leave their premises. To accommodate this policy, Rocycle offers onsite wipes as a mobile data destruction service. Using Extreme Protocol Solutions software, we can do the hard drive wiping at your location.

Conducting the onsite data erasure is a simple, safe, and sound solution for the information security of your customers. Depending on the set up area available to us for the data services, we will utilize either the Extreme Protocol Solutions USB software or LAN software to perform the hard drive wiping.

After the equipment is wiped, Rocycle can take care of the equipment logistics for you. We will pack it up, palletize it, and transport it to our facility for processing, auditing and remarketing or recycling.

Get the Greatest Return Possible on Your IT Investment

Contact Rocycle today to discuss securely erasing your sensitive data and remarketing or recycling your unused IT equipment.

If you have excess or outdated IT equipment that you need disposed of or off lease equipment that you need processed, give Rocycle a call.

Our fast, efficient, and valuable service is sure to please you!