Logistics for IT AssetsRocycle offers a wide range of logistics options for your IT equipment removal.

If you have equipment you need removed from your location, save your company’s resources and let Rocycle handle the equipment removal for you! Our trained technicians can go onsite at your location and de-install your IT equipment. From cubicles of PCs to POS systems and even servers, Rocycle has the expertise to take care of your company’s de-installation and equipment removal needs.

Locally and in the state of Florida, from small loads in a pickup truck to large, full size loads that require a tractor trailer, we can pack out the equipment for you and arrange the equipment logistics. We pack up the equipment. We will stack, wrap, and palletize the equipment to ensure it is in the best condition possible when it arrives at our facility for processing and auditing to help maximize the return on your IT equipment investment.

Nationally, if your equipment is already palletized, we can arrange the freight for you. We receive great discounts on freight shipping and pass the savings on to our customers. If your outside the state of Florida and need your equipment de-installed and packed out, we can arrange for the services nationwide.

Even if you don’t utilize Rocycle for your equipment processing and auditing, we can still arrange the logistics for your equipment to be moved from your facility to their end destination.