SustainabilityReduce, reuse, and recycle! Recycling is the cornerstone for sustainability. In order to preserve the planet’s resources, the rate of natural resource consumption has to decrease. By choosing to recycle your IT equipment and electronics, you give them a chance for a second life and ensure the components are disposed of properly. In the IT and electronics industry, Rocycle works to ensure we all will continue to have the materials and resources to protect our health and environment.

Reuse is our first choice and the greenest method possible of computer recycling. By remarketing the working, used equipment, the item gets a prolonged useful life. This removes the need for one more of those items to be produced and saves the associated production materials.

In some cases, reuse and remarketing of an item is not possible. The item is either non-functioning and not easily repairable or the item has become obsolete. When this is the case, the IT recycling is handled by our de-manufacturing (deman) process. During the deman process, items are disassembled and separated into base materials like glass, plastic, steel, and aluminum. These base materials are sent on to material-specific recyclers that prep the base material for reuse as new or other products.

It is very important to recycle computers and other IT equipment in order to keep them out of landfills. Back in the early 2000s, it was estimated that 4.6 million tons* of e-waste ended up in landfills, often illegally shipped to and dumped in the landfills of developing countries. Toxins and hazardous chemicals leached into the land wreaking havoc on the soil health, contaminating ground water, and thereby endangering the local ecosystem and residents. We know this is an avoidable and irresponsible effect of inefficiency and disregard. Rocycle is part of the solution to these avoidable, detrimental effects by recycling the equipment correctly and environmentally responsibly.

*Source: GreenPeace web article Where does e-waste end up? February 24, 2009