Products We Recycle

Electronics RecyclingRocycle recycles thousands of pounds of e-waste yearly. We take great care to ensure the products we de-manufacture are disposed on in an environmentally responsible and legally compliant way.

Designating an asset for de-manufacturing and recycling is determined by two factors; either the IT asset fails during the audit and testing procedure and is deemed non-repairable/non-functional or the IT asset has a zero remarketing value. To deman an asset, all materials must be taken apart and separated. The materials may then be separated into like categories of focus material and non-focus material. Focus materials, such as crushed hard drives, CRT monitors, and memory are left whole and sent on to our approved vendors for designated specialty recycling that break the equipment down into back into base materials. Non-focus materials such as steel, plastic, and non-CRT glass are recycled through traditional single-stream recycling centers.

As environmental stewards, we do our part to keep e-waste out of landfills at home and abroad.

Items we recycle: