recycle laptop, recycle laptops, laptop recyclingRocycle can recycle laptops. Laptop computers are growing rapidly in popularity. As more and more companies move away from desktop PCs to the convenience of portable laptop computers, what to do with the old laptops needs to be considered. There could be sensitive data on the laptops and this data needs to be removed by professionals like Rocycle.

When we receive laptops, we test it for functionality. We wipe or crush the hard drive per your instructions. If the laptop is still has value, we will make you an offer on the equipment. If the laptops are obsolete or non-functioning, we designate them for demanufacturing. We demanufacture laptops in-house. We separate the various components like memory, batteries, plastic, and more. The materials are then sent to various specialty downstream partners that process the components and return them to raw material for reuse.

As laptops age, their values decrease. Your best bet is to recycle laptops as quickly as possible after they are deemed no longer necessary or to be disposed of. Recycle your laptops with Rocycle!