There’s More Sensitive Information on Your Computer Than You Think

What information do you have on your computer? Have you made an online purchase? If so, your credit card information could be stored. Do you log into your bank account online? If so, your banking information could be accessible. Do you have customer information or data on your computer? How about financial records, medical information, or social security info, or employee data? You need information security and data security when your IT asset leaves your facility.

How Do You Protect Sensitive Information on Physical Hardware?

Often, you hear about data security breaches. Databases are hacked and sensitive information gets compromised. Many companies have data security positions to ensure their information is well protected. But what about the information on the physical hardware? Just one hard drive can contain hundreds of thousands of files.

Can Rocycle Make My Data Inaccessible?

Yes, you can have peace of mind knowing that Rocycle can make your data inaccessible.  We are a AAA NAID Certified facility that complies with DoD standards for data erasure and follows procedures to make sure your sensitive information is handled safely and securely.

The DoD 5520.22-M policy states, “Classified material may be destroyed by burning, shredding, pulping, melting, mutilation, chemical decomposition, or pulverizing (for example, hammer mills, choppers, and 5-7-1 DoD 5220.22-M, February 28, 2006 hybridized disintegration equipment).”

Rocycle’s data destruction and hard drive crushing services are available on request or for hard drives that fail testing. In our facility, we crush the drives so they may not be inserted into a machine again. Our crushing process ensures data privacy with a sufficient force to mutilate the drives. Internal components are broken and the drive case is bent. The drives are then irreparable and unable to be reconnected or inserted into another machine. By rendering the drives useless, no information can be accessed from it. The crushed drives are sent on to a specialized facility that breaks them down into base materials. Those base materials go on to have a new use as other products.

Rocycle Keeps Customer Records After Hard Drive Crushing

For our customers’ records, we log the serial numbers of each drive and notate that it has been crushed. This information is provided to the customer on the audit. Certificates of destruction are also available.

If you have IT equipment with sensitive data that you need destroyed and disposed of, give Rocycle a call. Our fast, efficient, and valuable service will help your company continue to be productive for your clients with minimal down time!

If you have excess or outdated IT equipment that you need disposed of or off lease equipment that you need processed, give Rocycle a call.

Our fast, efficient, and valuable service is sure to please you!