Desktop Computers

Desktop computer recycling, PC recycling

Rocycle can recycle any type of PCs! We recycle small form factors, ultra small form factors, standard sized desktops, and even stand up servers. If the PC still has value, Rocycle will make you an offer on the equipment and remarket it. When a desktop is deemed obsolete or not able to be remarketed for any number of reasons, our trained technicians demanufacture the PC by disassembling it.

Desktop computers or PCs are one of the most thoroughly recyclable IT assets. A typical desktop will contain a steel case, an aluminum heat sink, a battery, a hard drive, memory, a mother board, wires, plastic, and other materials all of which are completely recyclable items or materials. Hard drives are either wiped using a DoD compliant program or crushed so the information contained therein can never be accessed again. The various components are sorted and sent to our downstream partners for further processing then returned to their raw material state of copper, aluminum, steel, etc. which is then reused.

With e-waste growing at an alarming rate, ensuring your PC doesn’t wind up in a landfill is a responsible decision. Recycle your desktops with Rocycle!