How Do I Recycle Batteries Properly?

In order to recycle batteries properly you need a professional battery recycling service like Rocycle. At Rocycle, we receive many kinds of equipment that contain batteries in need of recycling. Whether it’s a lithium-ion battery in a laptop or a silver oxide battery from a board, batteries need to be handled carefully and properly. We collect the various batteries and store them on a spill-proof pallet to protect the environment in the case of a leaking battery.

The Four Most Common Types of Batteries Are:

According to the EPA, nickel-cadmium and silver oxide batteries both contain potentially hazardous toxic metals and pose serious health and environmental risks when they are discarded with ordinary workplace waste. A specialized battery recycling service can prevent these metals from being burned and releasing toxic vapors. These vapors can pollute nearby bodies of water, contribute to heavy metals that may leach from landfills, and expose the environment to lead and acid.

Recycle Your Used Batteries With Rocycle

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