Recycling batteriesRocycle receives batteries in many kinds of equipment we recycle.  Whether it’s a lithium-ion battery in a laptop or a silver oxide battery from a board, batteries need to be handles carefully and properly. We collect the various batteries and store them on a spill-proof pallet to protect the environment in the case of a leaking battery.

The four most common types of batteries are alkaline manganese batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and silver oxide batteries. Nickel-cadmium and silver oxide batteries both contain potentially hazardous toxic metals and should never be disposed of in the trash.  Batteries can produce toxic vapors when metal is burned that can pollute close bodies of water, contribute to heavy metals that may leach from landfills, and expose the environment to lead and acid.

Other types of batteries we recycle are: nickel metal hydride batteries, nickel-iron batteries, both types of carbon zinc batteries, zinc air batteries, polapulse batteries, zinc chloride batteries, mercury batteries, mercuric oxide batteries, absorbed glass mat batteries, sealed lead acid batteries, and wet cell batteries.

Rocycle makes sure your batteries are recycled properly!