Rocycle Is the Place to Recycle Electronics

Electronics recycling, just like any other form of recycling, is beneficial for our environment. Choosing to recycle your electronics with Rocycle provides benefits other recyclers do not offer.

Rocycle Is the Best Place to Recycle Electronics

With over a decade of experience, we specialize in end-of-lifecycle IT asset management, data destruction, remarketing used electronics, and e-waste recycling. Rocycle is committed to being the best place to recycle electronics and will help your business get rid of your old unused devices.

Rocycle Is a Local Business in Florida

When you recycle your old electronics with Rocycle, you’re supporting a small business that provides jobs to your local community right here in Dade City, Florida.

Our Pickup Service Is Free for Businesses

Don’t worry about having to lug your electronic equipment across town – we’ll come to you! We offer free pickups for businesses in Pasco, Hernando, Polk, Hillsborough, and Pinellas counties. You can schedule a pickup at our website. Our team will make it easy for you to get those old devices off your hands.

We Can Uninstall Your Electronics

Caught up in all those old wires and cables in your office? We’ve got you covered. Rocycle has been deinstalling computer equipment and IT assets for years and are flexible enough to incorporate unexpected changes that may come up during this process.

We can also work with your staff to ensure your equipment deinstallation does not interrupt your day to day business. We will work quickly and effectively to ensure your electronics are deinstalled properly. Removing interface cards and cables, unracking server equipment, extracting hard drives, powering down assets, and even breaking down cubicle stations, our deinstallation service will get those old electronics out of your hair.

Your Old Data Will be Erased

One of the biggest concerns many people face when throwing away their electronics is the risk of personal data being taken. Your old phone and hard drive has tons of information that can cause problems if it falls into the wrong hands. You may have anxieties about private information getting out when you recycle your electronics.

We can make the following assurances:

  • Any data on your equipment will be processed in our NAID-certified
  • We will follow all DoD standards.
  • All electronics will be handled in an environmentally-responsible manner.

Recycling Electronics Protects Our Environment

Old electronics break down in landfills, creating e-waste. As this occurs, elements like mercury, zinc, lead, and chromium can cause irreversible damage to the environment, especially if exposed to or consumed by animals or if it leaches into groundwater.

Recycling electronics helps reduce e-waste and keep harmful materials out of our landfills. It also allows for old equipment to be broken down and reused, reducing the cost of new devices.

We Can Audit and Even Buy Your Equipment

For Businesses Only: If there is positive value in the equipment, we will offer to purchase the equipment from you. You always have the option to refuse our offer and sell your equipment from our facility or have the audited equipment returned to you. We’ll even offer to arrange the logistics for you.

Contact Rocycle Today

Contact Rocycle and let us take your old electronics off your hands. As the best place to recycle electronics, we will ensure they are properly recycled and all data is properly erased. If you are a business, we will come to you – just tell us which electronics need to go and we’ll handle the rest.