How to Responsibly Modernize Your Business Electronics

Digital Transformation and Workplace Modernization have been huge trends for all types of businesses.

Everyone from the biggest enterprises to the smallest mom-and-pop shops have improved their technological capabilities to stay up to date and compete in the market.

As companies go digtial and use technology to stay competitive, one of the overlooked side effects of all this modernization is more and newer hardware being required. As new tech rolls in, old tech rolls out. It’s not just computers, either. It’s peripherals, phones, printers, servers, routers, radios, and cables. So many cables! Even the television monitors in break rooms and conference rooms are being swapped out for smart TVs in the push to modernize.

With more tech than ever to manage, track, and control, it’s important to stay on top of your technology’s health and data security. Keeping technology up to date has become more difficult as device life cycles are shorter than ever due to new products being released frequently.

Top Concerns When Upgrading Business Technology

Buying new technology is not a spontaneous decision. With such a high cost, many aspects of the potential replacement devices are considered before the purchase is made. As businesses continue to upgrade their technology, issues such as privacy, speed and features are among the most discussed aspects of new tech. Here are some of the top concerns when upgrading business technology and our tips for how to responsibly modernize your business electronics.


Privacy is a massive concern, especially when upgrading to new devices. With the ever increasing connectedness of technology, making sure your data stays private is a massive concern in the digital transformation era.

As you purchase and install newer, more secure devices, don’t forget to securely and completely erase all the data on your old devices. Contact a professional to ensure your hard drive wipes and data destruction are handled correctly.


When businesses upgrade their old systems, some of the biggest reasons for the upgrade is to improve speed and performance. Just because a piece of tech is falling behind in the races doesn’t mean it’s completely sapped of its value. An e-waste recycling company like Rocycle can help you assess the remarketable value of your old business technology and compensate you appropriately when they take it off your hands. Schedule a commercial pickup.


Another main reason many businesses are modernizing their tech is for the new features devices today include. From text-to-speech capabilities, to bluetooth, the added features of modern computers, laptops and more can be the reason old devices are finally tossed aside.

What Can Professional IT Asset Management Services Do?

Professional IT asset management services are contracted to provide businesses support for their IT and technology needs.

Professional IT asset management can help you manage your tech in the following ways:

  • Telling you what tech you have
  • What your tech is made of
  • How long your tech will last
  • When it needs service or updates
  • How to get it fixed
  • When it’s time to replace it

Choose Rocycle to Manage Your IT Assets

If you choose Rocycle to manage your IT assets, we can provide you with additional steps other IT asset management companies can’t. Not only can we recover your tech’s marketable value, but we can also responsibly recycle your old tech so it does not end up in a landfill as e-waste. Contact Rocycle and let us help you take care of your old electronic equipment.