Rocycle’s Hard Drive Data Security Process

Here at Rocycle, we take special measures to maintain data security from the get-go. Starting at your facility, we have the ability to perform onsite data wipes utilizing DoD compliant Tabernus software. If the data wipe does not need to be performed onsite at your location, we move the equipment in a secured, locked truck to the Rocycle warehouse in Tampa.

When the equipment arrives at our facility, we’ve taken extra measures to ensure the equipment is as safe as possible. We utilize a fingerprint identifier for building access through our standard door. Our loading docks have locked gates and are closed and locked unless actively being used to unload or load trucks at which time a Rocycle employee is in attendance at all times. Our closed circuit video surveillance system allows us to see into the facility with a camera designated to specifically monitor the hard drive destruction area. We also have a monitored alarm system throughout the facility.

All Rocycle employees are subject to a criminal background check, drug testing, and drug training. Our technicians are rigorously trained to handle equipment containing potentially sensitive data. We understand how important maintaining data security is and set our practices to the highest standards.

We follow industry data destruction procedures. All hard drives designated for sanitization in Rocycle’s possession are wiped within 15 days of receipt. All hard drives designated for destruction are crushed beyond repair within 3 business days.

If you need computer recycling, IT asset management, or data destruction in Tampa or throughout the southeast, give us a call! You can have peace of mind knowing your company’s sensitive data will be safe and secure with Rocycle.