Three Ways to Find Your Local Electronics Recycler

Technology is a part of most people’s everyday lives. As we upgrade and replace our electronics, you may wonder how to recycle your old laptop, cell phone, or smart watch. Here are some ideas to help you find your local electronics recycler. Google “recycling electronics near me”. This could bring up a list of e-waste … Read more

What Becoming an R2V3 Certified Company Looked Like for Rocycle

R2V3 certification is a standard for responsible electronics recycling by SERI. It ensures companies recycling electronic waste or e-waste is disposing of the items responsibly. It strictly mandates destruction protocols and emphasizes worker safety.  In 2022, Rocycle began seriously pursuing R2V3 certification.

For us, a small company with ten employees, that meant we took a year to put policies and procedures in place that covered hazard assessments, facilities mapping, transporter checklists, process documenting, vendor assessments, and lots of procedure creation.

While pursuing the R2V3 certification, we were also simultaneously pursuing the required ISO certifications needed to be compliant with R2V3; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001.

We worked with a third party company that helped us through the process. We set an end date and got to work. As the quality, environmental, health and safety designated representative at Rocycle, each week, I had a stack of tasks to perform and documents to create to achieve the goal.

As new processes and procedures were ready, we rolled them out to the Rocycle team. We learned to not only label our equipment designated for downstream, we date it. SDS sheets were created listing all the cleaning chemicals we use. A regular training schedule was implemented for regular reminders of health and safety, general awareness, hazmat and spill response, and PPE gear.

We hired an environmental safety consultant to test the air while using the glass cleaner and degreaser we utilize on a regular basis. We hired a scale calibration company to calibrate our forklift scales and our desktop scales. We added pollution liability insurance.

As we approach our first annual recertification, I feel confident that the Rocycle team knows how to process the equipment we receive, handle emergency situations we may encounter, and create the necessary documentation for our upcoming renewal.

R2V3 Certified

HIPAA Security Trained

Valerie Rochon, Rocycle’s CEO, has gone through HIPAA Security training. This training program teaches the do’s and don’ts of handling ePHI or electronic protected health information. Many of our clients are healthcare and veterinary facilities and we are experts at handling assets that have sensitive information. The level of data destruction is determined by our … Read more


Rocycle has obtained an EPA site ID. Our facility status is a non-handler of hazardous waste, Electronics Recycler. You can look us up using EPA ID number FLR000246736.

Recycling at Rocycle Your Electronics During Covid

In Florida, we are still available to service your IT recycling and electronic recycling needs. In order to minimize our employees’ exposure, we do require that any visits for electronic purchases from the public to our warehouse are by scheduled appointments only. Any members of the public that enter our facility must wear masks. No … Read more

The Wally Comes Home to Florida

Aryan Rochon, owner and COO of Rocycle, LLC, has brought home the Wally from the NHRA Winternationals race in Pomona, CA. He set personal records with his times in the in the quarter mile, had some luck with a hole shot, and he and the crew worked their tails off ! What does driving a … Read more

Rocycle Provides Computer Recycling in Tampa and the Surrounding Areas

We are a full service IT asset management company. We offer IT asset management specializing in the dispositioning of end-of-life IT assets. When assets received from businesses still have value on the secondary markets, we will process and purchase the equipment from the business. Some of our other business services are deinstallation of equipment and … Read more

Rocycle, LLC Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Rocycle, LLC, an IT asset management, data destruction, and recycling – computers & other electronics company located at 2601 E Henry Ave STE B2, announced today that it has met the accreditation standards required by the Better Business Bureau for membership with the organization. Rocycle, LLC really wants potential customers to feel comfortable when choosing … Read more

Rocycle’s Hard Drive Data Security Process

Here at Rocycle, we take special measures to maintain data security from the get-go. Starting at your facility, we have the ability to perform onsite data wipes utilizing DoD compliant Tabernus software. If the data wipe does not need to be performed onsite at your location, we move the equipment in a secured, locked truck … Read more