HIPAA Security Trained

Valerie Rochon, Rocycle’s CEO, has gone through HIPAA Security training. This training program teaches the do’s and don’ts of handling ePHI or electronic protected health information. Many of our clients are healthcare and veterinary facilities and we are experts at handling assets that have sensitive information. The level of data destruction is determined by our clients. We work to quickly destroy the data on any data bearing asset using DoD compliant data destruction software or physical hard drive destruction. We can issue certificates of destruction notating the make, model, serial, and size of the drives with their final disposition. We adhere to the HIPAA Security physical security standards by storing any data bearing equipment in our secure facility. Our facility has keypad access doors that only Rocycle employees have the codes to in addition to standard bolt locks, a monitored alarm system, and a live stream and recorded camera system. All visitors must wear a visitor badge and sign in and out on a visitor log which is retained for 7 years in addition to being physically escorted by a Rocycle employee at all times while inside our facility. When you recycle your healthcare facility’s electronics with Rocycle, you can be assured your client’s sensitive information is safe and secure prior to data destruction.