What is a Refurbished Computer?

What Does It Mean When a Computer Is Refurbished? A refurbished computer is one that has been previously used and then restored to its original condition. This can involve anything from cleaning the hardware to replacing any defective parts. Sometimes, a refurbished computer will come with a new warranty, which can be an attractive selling ... Read more

Recycle Old Technology In Your School

We live in a world where technology changes daily, if not hourly. In order to prepare our future generations, schools need to adapt as well. School districts should prioritize upgrading to the latest technology in their schools, and have a plan for recycling or remarketing their old equipment to recoup costs. What Are the Benefits ... Read more

HIPAA Security Trained

Valerie Rochon, Rocycle’s CEO, has gone through HIPAA Security training. This training program teaches the do’s and don’ts of handling ePHI or electronic protected health information. Many of our clients are healthcare and veterinary facilities and we are experts at handling assets that have sensitive information. The level of data destruction is determined by our … Read more


Rocycle has obtained an EPA site ID. Our facility status is a non-handler of hazardous waste, Electronics Recycler. You can look us up using EPA ID number FLR000246736.

Recycling at Rocycle Your Electronics During Covid

In Florida, we are still available to service your IT recycling and electronic recycling needs. In order to minimize our employees’ exposure, we do require that any visits for electronic purchases from the public to our warehouse are by scheduled appointments only. Any members of the public that enter our facility must wear masks. No … Read more